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About Us - FatherBox

About Us

The FatherBox Company was born out of a desire to create, share, and strengthen family connection. Sure, we all have wi-fi and smartphones and a million other ways to connect per se, but do we feel closer to each other? We’ll come back to that.

FatherBox is a real company with real families in mind. We value what it takes to keep families strong. We want to offer simple, innovative, and affordable tools and solutions that fathers, mothers, teens and children from all families can use to connect with each other.

Our FatherBox products are trustworthy and fully centered on family. Sitting down at a table and talking with your kids, remembering vacations, ball games and dance recitals is fun, but we wanted to help families capture and preserve those memories in one place.

Talking with your kids and selecting items to put into the FatherBox can become a special time in the life of a family. Bonding in this way communicates that the selected items are important now and that in-person connection is invaluable. And yes, we’re hoping that you’re family will feel a little bit closer to one another as a result.