How it works Fatherbox makes it easy to bond with your kids


Value Time with
Your Kids


It seems simple enough, but with crazy work demands and busy schedules, sitting down can be a challenge.  But, when it comes to time with your kids, there is nothing like it.  You’d be surprised at the special moments that kids choose to savor and remember.  Most of the time, the new toy you bought for them isn’t as important as reading a book together or talking about the best part of your day.  Sit and enjoy family time.  When your FatherBox arrives, you’ll be ready.


Create Memories and
Share Keepsakes


Your son beams when he shows you an A+ on his spelling test.  Your daughter loves elephants and during her class trip to the zoo, she bought a small elephant statue, just for you.  For your FatherBox, share these special objects and keepsakes with your kids.  Share why they are meaningful and choose together what will go inside your time capsule.  You’ll discover new insights about each other, create lasting bonds, and look forward to rediscovering them in the future.


Send to FatherBox with Confidence


Special memories deserve a special and safe place.  After you and your family have chosen items for your FatherBox.  Simply select how long you want it stored, then use the provided postage and mailing information to send your box to us via USPS Priority Mail.  Your valued items will be stored safely and securely, and there they will stay until you’re ready to bring them back into your lives. Years later, for your daughter’s sweet 16 or your son’s graduation, you can give them a one-of-a kind gift.


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