The Responsibility of Reading


A Dad who regularly reads to his children knows reading is one of the most special times of the day. This is the time for kids and Dad to settle in, perhaps with a healthy snack, and open their minds to the brilliant colors, images, and words that create excitement and transport little minds to never-before-seen places and times.

Why Reading is Priceless

Reading is a wonderful way to set the tone for bedtime, when children typically struggle to let go of the cares of the day. Reading is a father’s passport to conversations with his child that, as the child grows, become quite special. Reading bridges the gap between questions and answers. “Why is the sky blue?” becomes “Where do babies come from?” and, one day, the bigger, more vital issues of life. As you read to your child, create silly voices and funny faces, developing the characters. Some books become well-loved and well-worn over time, and this is when the magic really happens. It’s a time to help your children feel special, because you’ve carved out time to do nothing but look at, cuddle and entertain your little one with the soothing sound of your voice.
Finally, reading opens the doors to a lifetime love of words, a stronger education, and a better future.
That’s an awful lot of responsibility for little letters on a page! But of all the memories your child will cherish the most, these times of reading, laughing and playing together will be the most precious of all.
Give it a try…and remember to bring along your FatherBook, because even the youngest minds never fail to understand the language of smiles.

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